Cold Creek accepts a vast array of waste products for recycling, from yard waste to agricultural waste. Below are some examples of what organic waste products we are permitted to receive. If your waste is not listed, give us a call and ask about how your particular waste product can fit into the composting process. Removal services can be provided for special cases.

Note: Our facility is not equipped to handle regular pick-up trucks from the public. We only accept large quantities.


  • Agricultural Waste: Including Manures, Packing Shed Waste, Culled Fruit, Spoiled Hay, Almond Hulls, Poultry Mortalities, etc.
  • Brewery Waste: Including Spent Grains, Yeast, Waste Water, etc.
  • Construction and Demolition Debris
  • Food Waste: Including Dairy Products, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Residential Waste, Commercial Waste, Restaurant Waste, etc.
  • Grease Trap Waste
  • Greenwaste
  • Olive Sludge
  • Pond Sludge
  • Winery Waste: Including Grape Pomice, Grape Stems, Diatomaceous Earth, etc.
  • Wood Ash
  • Wood Waste Including: Yard Waste, Trimmings, Stumps, Saw Mill Waste, etc.