Got manure?… Without it you have lower nutrient levels and availability, and reduced levels of those important microorganisms. Our Agrow-Blend compost is made from 33% chicken manure, with the other 66% comprising of a combination of yard trimmings, grape pomace, and food waste. This blend provides for proper porosity and carbon/nitrogen balance, resulting in a compost of unequaled quality. See the nutrition facts page for more details.

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Agrow Blend


Growers Choice Select

Cold Creek’s Growers Choice Select is our professional quality potting soil for gardeners, nurseries, and landscapers who demand the finest in soil products. It is a scientifically formulated complete plant growth medium that’s a homogeneous blend of several ingredients, each serving a specific purpose:
Rice hulls are good for drainage, structure, and long-term porosity. Forest products provide drainage and water retention. Agrow-Blend compost is added at a rate of 20% and provides the main nutrient base.

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Planter Mix


Growers Choice Premium

Cold Creek’s Growers Choice Premium utilizes the Growers Choice Select as a base and blends the material with lava rock to add porosity to the material. Additionally, this mix contains feather meal and sulfur for added nutrient content.

Pearlite Planters Mix


Growers Choice Elite

Growers Choice Elite is our newest product based on popular custom blends we’ve made in recent years. Built on the Growers Choice Premium, this recipe includes perlite, coco coir, bat guano, kelp meal, green sand, glacial rock, and micorrhizae. This perfect mixture guarantees you’ll have a happy, healthy garden all year long.

GC Elite


Ag Minerals

• Agricultural Lime

Cold Creek sells OMRI listed mined limestone from the environmentally conscious Blue Mountain Minerals, the largest producer of limestone products in Northern California. Please call us whether you need a truckload or a thousand tons as you will find our prices very competitive.

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• Gypsum

Cold Creek sells OMRI listed Art Wilson mined gypsum, the purest agricultural gypsum available. Please call us whether you need a truckload or a thousand tons as you will find our prices very competitive. Whether for one truckload or a thousand tons, we welcome the opportunity to quote you a delivered price.

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Other Available Materials

• Wood Ash

• Dolomite Lime

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Get It Toted

We now offer tote packaging for easy handling. These totes are flexible and can be transported with a forklift or tractor into tight, hard-to-reach places.