The Most Nutritious Fertilizer per Dollar in Northern California

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For a worksheet helpful when comparing our Agrow-Blend compost to greenwaste compost and any other options available to you, see our nutrient comparison sheet.

For the most recent laboratory analysis of our Agrow-Blend compost from A & L Laboratories, see our nutrient analysis.

Nutrient Comparison

Nutrient Analysis

For a microbial analysis of our Agrow-Blend compost from Earthfort Laboratories, see our microbial analysis.

Microbial Analysis

*The data presented in these documents is only an approximation and cannot be guaranteed, as organic fertilizer by its very nature is variable in nutrient composition.

**These documents contain raw data directly from the laboratories. If you have questions about what these reports mean for you and your soil, we recommend contacting Cold Creek Compost or the appropriate laboratory.